item2 profile config

Posted by Leo Eatle on 2019-01-21

When you want to use item2 profile for automatically ssh, you may write such a script.

#!/usr/bin/expect -f
set port xxx
set user xxx
set host xxx
set password xxx
set timeout -1

spawn ssh -p$port $user@$host
expect "*assword:*"
send "$password\r"
expect eof

You should realize that it is not a shell script. If you try to sh, you will find that spawn is not a command and expect is not a command. That is because these commands only exist in expect environment.

So, you must save it as xxx without the postfix sh.

Then you should open the preference of item2 and add a new profile for it.

Sometimes you will find that it will fail and show a modal window. But it will not show any errors about this script. This does confuse me a lot.

After a list of debug, I found that is because I don’t have the permission of this script.

So we should use chmod to change the permission of this script.

We can use chmod a+x xxx

a is for all users.

x is for the permission.

There are also other params and please read this for more information.